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At Bose, we’re obsessed with discovering solutions that are new and better than anything that’s come before. And that leads us to work with leading-edge companies like Google, Spotify® and Amazon. The result? Even more innovation, convenience and integration for customers like you. Their products are compatible with ours, easy to use and make your experience even better. That’s why we’ve partnered with them. To let you do more, from streaming more music to seamlessly connecting your home.

In the future, you can look for this logo in stores and online to see what works with Bose.


Connect more. Control more. And do more. Smart devices bring more content and convenience closer than ever. Pair speakers at home with an Amazon Echo Dot to use the Bose Skill for Alexa. Our SoundTouch products work with your favorite smart devices to make your life easier.

Works with Bose partner integrations will be available for our new smart speakers and soundbars beginning in 2019.

Just say the word, and you’ll hear the music you want, where you want it—all amplified in Bose sound. Start a playlist, turn up the volume, skip tracks in another room.

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You love your music. And we think it should be easier to listen to more of it. When you connect your favorite services like Spotify and Pandora to either our Bose SoundTouch or Bose Music app, you get seamless access to your favorite content.

You can browse music services and set presets right from the app. Assign one for your perfect Spotify party playlist, another for the best Pandora cooking station, and a third for all the tracks by your new favorite band. You have six to play with. Plus, you’ll hear all your music in amazing Bose sound.

Learn more about how the SoundTouch app works with your favorite services.

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