A message to our Bose Connect App customers


April 20, 2017

We understand the nature of Class Action lawsuits. And we’ll fight the inflammatory, misleading allegations made against us through the legal system.
For now, we want to talk directly to you.

Nothing is more important to us than your trust. We work tirelessly to earn and keep it, and have for over 50 years. That’s never changed, and never will. In the Bose Connect App, we don’t wiretap your communications, we don’t sell your information, and we don’t use anything we collect to identify you—or anyone else—by name.

If there’s anything else we think you should know, you’ll hear it straight from us.

April 23, 2017

We told you you’d hear things straight from us. We’ve answered your questions when they’ve come in, but when there’s misleading information being repeated about us, we have to repeat our responses to clarify. So we’re going to share with everyone what we’ve shared with those of you who’ve contacted us directly, and what we’ve shared more broadly to correct the record.

First, our privacy policy can be found on the Connect App. You’ll find that the Connect App collects standard things to make your experience, and our products, better—like device information, app performance, and app and product usage. That includes information about songs playing on the device, volume played, and other usage data.

But you have to be using the Connect App with your Bose product for that to happen. You can use every Bose Bluetooth product without the Connect App.

For as long as we’re hearing from you, you’ll keep hearing from us. And we’ll keep posting additional information that you haven’t asked us about, too.

April 25, 2017

Everything we’ve shared with you over the last few days still stands—we never sold your data, and we never used it to identify you or anyone else. But we’re now going to take three additional steps to give you more options and assurance.

The Connect App will be updated so you can opt out of having it collect data. Any information collected before the opt out is available will be altered, so it can’t be linked to you or your device by anyone. And the Connect App’s privacy policy will be updated to include even more information.

We’ll let you know when these changes go in to effect. We’re working on them now, and you’ll hear from us soon.

May 3, 2017

The Bose Connect App update is now available.

After you download the update, go to the app’s main menu, select "Privacy Policy and Settings," and use the toggle switch to opt out from data collection.

June 22, 2017

We can confirm the final two things we promised on April 25.

A Bose Connect App update (4.2) released earlier today includes an updated privacy policy. And the usage information collected before the opt-out became available on May 3 has been altered, so it can't be linked to you or your device by anyone.