Sustainability at Bose

A message from our President and COO

Jim Scammon, President and Chief Operating Officer

“At Bose, we’re committed to achieving positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact, and we are continuously evolving year after year. 2022 has been a critical point in time on our journey towards improved efforts. Two years into this critical climate-action decade, governments, industries, and individuals are focusing more than ever on ESG issues.”

Jim Scammon

President and Chief Operating Officer

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

We aspire to create an inclusive environment where our employees can thrive and bring their whole selves to work.

Our approach to sustainability

We aspire to infuse sustainability into our day-to-day work across the company, so that it shapes our thinking and the way we do business.

Bose 2022 Sustainability Report cover

Sustainability reports

The 2022 Sustainability Report Update shares our most impactful sustainability activities over the past year. We invite you to read our current and past publications and learn about the progress Bose is making.

Responsible supply chain

Building Bose products and delivering them to market requires a global system of suppliers, contract manufacturers, and distributors. To ensure our values of doing business ethically, responsibly, and with integrity extend to the furthest touchpoints in our supply chain, we continuously monitor each of our suppliers to ensure they meet our environmental, social, and governance standards.

Forté Foundation Partnership

To further our commitment to gender equity at Bose, we are thrilled to announce a partnership with Forté Foundation, an organization dedicated to serving, educating, mentoring, and developing more women leaders in business.

Forté is a nonprofit organization working to launch women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, professional development, and a community of successful women.

Society of Women Engineers Partnership

To further our commitment to support the professional development of women engineers, Bose is excited to announce a partnership with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). SWE is an organization devoted to empowering Women in STEM and is committed to working towards a world with gender parity and equality in engineering and technology.

SWE is a not-for-profit educational and service organization that empowers women to succeed and advance in engineering and be recognized for their life-changing contributions as engineers and leaders.

Advocating for racial equity

As part of our internal Black History Month celebration, we were thrilled to have two music scholars — Kyle Brooks, PhD. from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio and Deborah Smith Pollard, Ph.D. from the University of Michigan-Dearborn — lead us in a conversation about the important role Black protest music plays in uniting all who care about racial equity. Bose continues to support efforts that celebrate Black history, amplify Black voices, and support the pursuit of racial justice.