New Bose Frames — new for sports, new for style

Premium Sunglasses And Premium Audio In One Revolutionary Wearable

September 10, 2020 — Bose today announces three new Frames — each combining the protection and style of premium sunglasses with the functionality of premium headphones in one revolutionary wearable.


The new Frames Tempo deliver the best performance in the Frames line up and are engineered specifically for outdoor workouts — like biking, running, and climbing. The Frames Tenor and Soprano are for everyday use with improved style, design, and acoustics over the original. Both feature Bose proprietary Open Ear AudioTM technology and the tiniest, thinnest, most invisible Bose speaker systems ever. The result is a breakthrough in mobile audio: immersive sound from eyewear — not earbuds.


The new Frames Tempo, Tenor, and Soprano have polarized lenses, block up to 99% of UV rays, and look, fit, and perform like the world’s most acclaimed sunglasses for outdoor sports and daily wear. Whether you’re out competitively or casually, they provide the same situational awareness — there’s nothing in your ears or over them. Their wafer-thin Bose systems are discreetly embedded in each arm without extra parts, visible screws, seams, or perforations. You can’t see the electronics, and you can’t feel them either. Adding less than 50 grams of weight, the difference is imperceptible — until you turn them on. Then, Frames transform, wirelessly connecting to your phone to stream music, take and make calls, and use your personal assistant — privately. Using exclusive Bose technology, their sound is richer and clearer than their predecessor, but can be just as personal: With their speaker systems precisely configured and directed toward you, content and conversations are seemingly isolated in an audio bubble that you can hear, but others can’t.


Each of the new Frames is prescription-ready and available today through Bose and select resellers. They will all be sold for $249.


The Frames Tempo Sport Sunglasses

The Frames Tempo redefine sport sunglasses — crushing their limitations entirely. Made from TR90, they’re durable, lightweight, and flexible to withstand extreme temperatures and extreme training. They use custom-designed spring hinges and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) temple tips for comfortable stability around the head. And their nose pads come in three shapes for the right amount of grip to avoid slipping down the face. During marathons and triathlons, on the water, off-road, or at high speeds down steep declines, they don’t move, shake, or shift when you do.


Tempo’s acoustic package is an engineering phenom, producing the highest fidelity in the Frames family. A 22 mm full-range driver is embedded in each temple to play deeper and louder — loud enough for cycling at 25 MPH — while still being able to hear traffic, warnings, training partners, and teammates.


Frames Tempo are built to last in more ways than one. They can fit under most protective helmets, are sweat-, weather-, scratch-, and shatter-resistant, and have up to 8 hours of battery life through an included standard USB-C charging cable. The lenses are polycarbonate with visible light transmission of 12%. And optional lenses are also available: Road Orange has a 20% VLT medium-light lens to reduce glare from reflective surfaces like water and snow; Trail Blue has a 28% VLT low-light lens to increase contrast and definition in bright-sun conditions; Twilight Yellow has a 77% VLT very low-light lens for use at dusk.


The new Frames Tenor and Soprano

The first Bose Frames stunned the industry and owners alike — and the new Tenor and Soprano are better in almost every way.


Tenor is a smaller, square style; Soprano is a subtle cat eye. In both, every angle, material, and component was carefully chosen and skillfully crafted for higher quality, improved appearance, and supreme comfort — all the more remarkable given their designs house and hide all the electronics, including two 16 mm speakers. What you wear and see are gorgeous sunglasses — from the precise balance of weight on the head and resistance in the hinges, to the curves of the bridge and ultra-high-gloss finish.


But what you hear is equally impressive: Tenor and Soprano have noticeably better bass response so playlists are reproduced with more depth and detail.


Tenor and Soprano are scratch- and shatter-resistant with an extended battery life of 5.5 hours through an included, custom pogo-pin charger. Their lenses can be easily changed with different options: Mirrored Blue and Silver for Tenor, Rose Gold and Purple-fade for Soprano.


Better Voice Pickup, Volume EQ, Brilliantly Easy Controls

Tempo, Tenor, and Soprano feature advanced voice pick-up. A one-microphone system has been replaced with a dual-beam-forming array that shields what you’re saying from wind, noise, and other nearby conversations. Combined with new digital signal processing, the result is noticeable on the far-end. For all voice communication, your speech is more intelligible. Talking on the phone is easier. And talking with your VPA is, too.


To hear all your music at any listening level, the new Frames use new Volume-optimized EQ. Played softly to relax, low frequencies won’t disappear from your favorite song. Played at full tilt for motivation, they won’t distort. Turning them up or down is brilliantly easy with an integrated touch control — just slide your finger forward and backward on the right temple. All other common commands can be managed on the right temple via taps or a multi-function button.


Tempo, Tenor, and Soprano join the first Frames introduced in 2018 — Alto and Rondo.


About Bose Corporation

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