Activating Party Mode: How to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers

Group of friends eating and drinking outside while listening to music on Bose Portable Smart Speaker

Bluetooth® speaker technology has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years and is now used for more than just taking hands-free calls. Not only has Bluetooth range increased, allowing you to maintain a speaker connection from farther away, but it’s now possible to connect multiple wireless speakers to enjoy seamless audio all throughout your home — great news for your party-hosting abilities.


This guide will show you how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers from Bose, turning your home into the go-to party spot.


Why would you want to connect multiple speakers?

Whether you’re hosting for the holidays or just having friends over to hang, connecting your Bose Bluetooth speakers is the ultimate party trick. When you pair Bluetooth devices together, you can play audio simultaneously across all the different speakers, enhancing the sound and keeping the tunes going between rooms and even outside. You and your guests will be able to enjoy the music, no matter where you are in the house, providing a truly seamless audio experience.


Connecting multiple speakers can also come in handy when you want to crank up the volume. If you have a large entertaining space, you can set the music to the perfect level throughout the room by playing it across several connected Bluetooth devices.


Think you’re limited to Bose portable speakers? Think again! This works with virtually any Bose device, including wireless speakers for home, outdoor speakers, and even your TV’s soundbar. So go ahead — set up all your Bluetooth devices throughout your home for a top-tier listening experience.

Here’s how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers at home

Person sitting in living room connecting Bose SoundLink Flex Speaker with the Bose Music app

The Bose Music app makes it easy to connect Bose Bluetooth speakers within your home, including soundbars, home speakers, and more. As long as all the speakers and Bluetooth settings are already synced with your smartphone, the pairing process is a breeze. The following steps are all you need to do to add Bluetooth and other devices to your party:


1. Within the Bose Music app, start by selecting one of the smart speakers that you want to connect


2. Tap the “Group” button, which features two overlapping circles and is located underneath the volume adjustment slider


3. The app will display all the smart speakers and other Bluetooth devices that are available to group. From here, you can select the speakers that you want to connect by tapping the + sign next to their names. If you want to connect all your existing speakers, you can also double-click the “Add All” button to streamline the process


4. Once you’re done, return to the My Bose screen, and you’ll see there’s a new card for the group of speakers you’ve created. The app will save this group, making it quick and easy to access the speaker pairing in the future


If the party is already in full swing and you don’t have your phone nearby, it’s also possible to connect speakers without the Bose Music app. The best part is that you can connect two Bose devices of different designs. For example, the SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker can connect to a SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker.


Once one speaker is already playing music, you can simply press and hold the “Action” button on a second speaker. After a few seconds, you'll hear a chime, and your music will begin playing across both speakers. This also automatically creates a group within the Bose Music app, allowing you to control the connected devices.


When you have a group set up within the app, you can easily adjust the volume of your speakers. You'll see a slider labeled “Group Volume” that allows you to raise or lower the volume of all speakers proportionally, or you can choose to adjust each speaker individually — handy if you want the music louder in the backyard and quieter in the kitchen.


Let’s party mode

Group of friends sitting on rooftop listening to music on SoundLink Revolve II Speaker

That’s not the only way to connect your Bose speakers, though. Certain portable Bluetooth speakers have a setting aptly named Party Mode, where they both play music simultaneously. This makes it possible to take your music on the go, playing your favorite songs all across your campsite, boat, or backyard setup.


To enter Party Mode, simultaneously press and hold the volume and Bluetooth buttons on the first speaker until you hear a voice prompt. Repeat this process on the second speaker until you hear a tone play. After around 10 seconds, the two speakers should say “Party Mode” to confirm the audio is playing in unison. If you double click and hold the two buttons again, the connected speakers will switch over to Stereo mode, where they work as a stereo pair, with one serving as the left speaker and one as the right speaker.

Get the party started with Bose speakers

Once you learn how to connect your Bose Bluetooth speakers, your parties — and day-to-day activities — will get an instant upgrade. With music playing seamlessly between rooms, you'll never miss a beat, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes to their full potential.

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