A new generation of superior sound

The Bose S1 Pro+ Portable Bluetooth® Speaker System has the same high-quality construction and unmatched audio you’ve come to expect from Bose speakers, but the revamped design is even more versatile and easier to use than its predecessor, the original S1 Pro. Here are some game-changing new features you can look forward to with this new release.

1. Connect instantly with wireless accessories

Performers may need a cleaner stage design or a faster setup process, and the new S1 Pro+ delivers in a huge way.

It’s the first portable PA speaker in its category to offer two integrated wireless receivers that allow you to instantly connect with accessories — no cables or syncing necessary. All you have to do is plug the wireless transmitters (sold separately) into your source, and they’ll automatically pair with the receivers, which you simply plug into the desired channel port. Just like that, you’ll be able to hook up your acoustic guitar, microphone, or other instruments to the speaker in a matter of seconds. It’s perfect for karaoke as it allows you to connect two microphones and sync to the Bose Music app, where you can play DJ and queue up the next track and adjust the track volume, mic volume, EQ, reverb, and more.

The transmitters offer a reliable wireless connection up to 30 feet, so go ahead and work the stage. They also offer up to four hours of battery life, with in-unit storage and charging for unbeatable convenience. It’s a cutting-edge innovation that’s setting new standards for entertaining.

2. An easier to use interface

We made it easier than ever to achieve your ideal sound with the S1 Pro+. It features a redesigned control panel that makes the PA system more intuitive to operate, which means no more fiddling with multiple dials to find the right setting. You’re able to control each of the three channels via new integrated OLED displays, easily adjusting volume, bass, treble, and reverb (when applicable). If that wasn’t cool enough, the modern controls automatically rotate based on the PA’s orientation, making them a breeze to adjust in every situation.

3. Mix wirelessly from your smartphone

Controlling the S1 Pro+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker System through the Bose Music app on a smartphone

We redefined the multi-channel fully wireless experience with the new S1 Pro+ System. For the first time, remote mixing with connectivity to the Bose Music app ensures you have command of the control panel right on your smartphone. So you can control your guitar, microphone, backing track, and more using your phone — no more having to walk from one side of the stage to the other to adjust your bass or mic volume in the middle of your performance.

4. A lighter, more portable package.

Every pound counts when you’re taking your show on the road, so you’ll be happy to hear that the S1 Pro+ System is truly portable, weighing in at just 14.4 lbs — a whole pound lighter than its predecessor. Don’t forget: It functions as a public address system, a monitor, a practice amp, a wireless primary music system, and more, built into one sleek device. It’s made from the same high-quality materials you can count on when using a Bose product, with great sound and innovative technology in a light, easy-to-carry package.

The new gold standard for entertaining

We took public address systems and made them even better with the S1 Pro+ while still maintaining the aspects of the original S1 Pro Speaker System that you know and love. The new version improves on the design to make it more portable, versatile, and easier to operate, and the new OLED controls and wireless mixing abilities allow you to adjust your sound in a flash. Add the Bose S1 Pro+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker System to your arsenal of equipment and get ready to take your live performance to the next level.

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