What customers are saying about Bose Ultra Open Earbuds

Bose Ultra Open Earbuds are ushering in a new age of wearable audio technology. Read on to see real reviews from real customers and learn more about your new favorite earbuds.

Bose Ultra Open Earbuds

A new way to experience music

Music is a universal experience, transcending cultures, language, and boundaries, and the way you take in that music should honor that. These groundbreaking new open-ear earbuds offer unparalleled freedom to enjoy your favorite audio content in nearly any situation. Sure, you could try to say the same for other earbuds, but open-ear earbuds are unique. While wearing them and listening to your music, you can still hear everything around you clearly, so you can move through life, pausing for nothing.

Young man listening to music, using the touch controls of the Bose Ultra Open Earbuds while playing soccer

“These earbuds simply immerse you into a perfect blended state of being in the moment and aware of all your surroundings, while also being in a private audio world of your own.”

- Soundman

This “perfect blended state” allows you to still hear your surroundings, while also offering a fully immersive listening experience with excellent sound. You never have to remove your earbuds or stop your music to engage with other people.

“I was able to relax and just enjoy my exercise listening to music and bantering with my friends at the same time.”

- Tsuru

There’s no need to halt the flow of musical inspiration, whether you’re checking in with co-workers, hanging out with friends, relaxing at home with family, or just maintaining awareness of your surroundings while you’re out and about.

Designed for life

The design of Bose Ultra Open Earbuds creates a symphony of “wows!” too. These earbuds are created to fit every ear and make you forget you’re even wearing them. If you’ve struggled to find comfortable earbuds in the past, then the open-ear design is for you. They attach to the outer ear with no intrusive earbud tip in the ear canal, so there’s no discomfort, only constant enjoyment from your chosen soundtrack, whether that’s podcasts, music, or audiobooks.

“I have a very active lifestyle that includes running, mountain biking, and cardio workouts and was skeptical about these holding up and not falling out unexpectedly. Once you put these in your ears and find the right spot, they don’t move!”

- Bosefanatic

This makes them perfect for any situation. You can wear them comfortably all day at work, they stay put through the most intense exercise, and you won’t even notice them while traveling or socializing. Because you can always hear your surroundings as well as your music, you really can wear these anywhere, while doing anything.

As a bonus, Bose Ultra Open Earbuds are a stylish fashion accessory, available in Black or White Smoke with a sleek, understated look.

 Woman getting ready for a run wearing Bose Ultra Open Earbuds

Immerse yourself

Bose Ultra Open Earbuds aren’t just about comfort and looks. They feature pristine spatial audio, making you feel like the music is coming from all around you, like you’re the main character and this is the soundtrack to your life.

“Using these earbuds is like strolling through a personal sound field that consistently stays put, no matter the activity; be it in the gym, on the farm, in the city, or at home. They’re a testament to what modern audio tech can achieve, blending high-quality sound with real-world practicality.”

- Andrew

Andrew nails it. The open-ear design was built with real people and real life in mind. They also automatically adjust their volume level as the surrounding ambient noise increases, so you always hear a balanced blend of sound.

Importantly, Bose Ultra Open Earbuds aren’t bone conduction open-ear headphones, which struggle to reproduce the subtleties of music and a full frequency range. Instead, these earbuds use air conduction, moving air particles like speakers do, which causes you to hear sound. Every detail of your audio is reproduced, while eliminating the need for earbuds in the ear canal. This means air circulates freely in and around your ears, so there’s no sweating or discomfort issues after wearing them for long periods.

The versatility of these open-ear headphones means you can put them on in the morning and listen to music on your way to the office, keep listening while you’re working, and continue when you hit the gym, or catch up with friends in the evening, without ever needing to take them off. The same simply isn’t true for other earbuds or headphones. Changing circumstances usually means frequent interruptions to your listening and situations where it’s not practical to wear normal earbuds or headphones. Bose Ultra open-ear earbuds change everything, providing a truly flexible personal audio solution with global appeal.

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