What Moms really want

This Mother’s Day, do more than click to buy, and give Mom the ultimate experience.

One day out of each year, we pay homage to the smart, talented, always-knows-best wonders of the world we call Mom. And what a very well-deserved day it is.

From dirty diapers and boo-boo kisses to the birds and the bees and long after we’ve started adulting to make decisions of our own — a mother’s job is never done. So how do you give thanks to the incredible (if sometimes a little scary) force of nature that made you, well you? Spoiler alert: it’s not a guinea pig or all-weather tires.

We’ve put together a can’t-miss Mother’s Day guide that gets to the heart of what moms really want: A memorable experience to be cherished long after the day has passed. Made even better and brighter when paired with the amazing gift of sound from our Mother’s Day gift guide.

So, pay close attention and you just might end up being Mom’s favorite.

Gifts that’ll make Mom go awwww

Nothing hits harder than gifts that get up close and personal. Homemade or bought, create a gift that can be experienced today and long into the future. And turn Mom into a gooey, mushy pile of love each and every time.

  • Find your roots: From wall-hangings to paintings to sketches and more, get creative with family tree wall art. Or trace back your ancestry, find out where you came from, and uncover ancestors Mom never knew existed
  • Make memories last: Preserve all of life’s big and little moments by digitizing home movies and photos to ensure all of Mom’s memories last forever
  • Pictures say a thousand words: Create a collage masterpiece on a quilt, pillow, wall-hanging, mug, or T-shirt in just a few clicks with online photo and printing sites
  • A movie montage: Piece together music, photos, and video clips to create a movie Mom will want to watch over and over again
Yellow Citron SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II

Get even more sentimental with a family inspired playlist or soundtrack. Then pair with our go anywhere, water-resistant, SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker (eye-catching in the Yellow Citron) for amazing, bring-tears-to-your-eyes sound and the ultimate Mother’s Day reveal.

A little pampering. A lot of peace.

Create a little bit of heaven right at home and give Mom the gift of pampering, relaxation, and most importantly self-care. Moms are always working, even when they’re off the clock. So, any gift that offers moments of peace or much needed me-time are always win-win.

Treat the body

A little pampering and primping can work wonders. Help Mom rejuvenate, refresh, and glow inside and out with a luxe at-home spa day.

  • Get classy with bellinis using canned peaches or lychees for extra yum
  • Create spa-worthy treats to nosh while zenning
  • Polish up fingers and toes like a pro with tips from YouTube
  • Mix up amazing all-natural skin scrubs for lips, face, and body

Tip: We love Priyanka Chopra’s skin care secrets from Mom

Set the mood with our SoundLink Mini II Special Edition paired with relaxing spa music for a symphony of sound to transform any home into a spa-worthy retreat.

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Feed the soul

Escaping to unwind and recharge is uber important to keep moms happy and healthy. Create a sanctuary at home for the ultimate me-time experience.

  • Carve out a quiet space for the day or convert a room into a retreat
  • Bring on the comfy with soft throws, pillows, fluffy socks
  • Serve up creamy whipped coffee goodness compliments of TikTok
  • Infuse the room with relaxing scents like lavender or jasmine
  • Queue up binge-worthy shows or these faves from the mom gang at Bose: Steel Magnolias, Stepmom, Little Women, Bad Moms, The Good Wife, Monster-in-Law

Tip: Get creative with space at home. Unused areas, small spaces, under the stairs, corners of rooms, or a bedroom takeover for the day.

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Block out the world. Bring on the relaxation. Our luxurious Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 (seriously stylish in Soapstone) offer an instant anytime, anywhere “getaway” amid life’s daily hustle. Pair with a playlist of heartfelt songs for Mom — more ‘Wind beneath my wings’, less ‘Pour some sugar on me’’ — and you can’t go wrong.

Fab, fit, and one happy, healthy mama

Any gift that does a body good is something every mom deserves. Go the extra mile and make fitness a feel-good experience that Mom is sure to love. From beginner to advanced, yoga to boxing, training, nutrition, gear, and more — keep Mom healthy and happy with an experience that packs a serious punch.

No fit-mom experience would be complete without SoundSport Free wireless headphones that stay put no matter how sweaty or intense the workout. Add in a high-energy playlist made by yours truly to keep Mom motivated and you top of mind.

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Gifts that give and give and give

Give thanks over and over with subscriptions for some of Mom’s favorite things. It’s like a mini celebration every month to remind her just how much you care. Here’s a few of our favorites to get you started.

  • Cratejoy: Boxes for everyone from the fashionista and foodie to bookworm, pet lover, beauty-holic, and more
  • GlobeIn: Enjoy unique, handcrafted items from artisans around the globe while giving back to make the world a better place
  • Boxwalla: Globally curated collections of must-have experiences in beauty, books, film, and food
  • Hello Subscription: Best of the best box subscriptions from around the world
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Pair with accessories to enhance Mom’s monthly delight. Like our audio sunglasses for the stylistically inclined, with their classic silhouettes coupled with cutting-edge sound. Or QC35 wireless headphones II to block out the world and tune in for full-on enjoyment of audiobooks, music, and movies with the gift of sound.

Never too old to learn

A new hobby, a new interest, a new skill — learning is a timeless endeavor that can be enjoyed by everyone right at home. There’s a world of educational possibilities just waiting to be explored. So why not give Mom an experience that will feed her mind and fill her heart with joy? We’ve pulled together some back-to-school ideas to get you up and running.

  • Learn from the masters: Get schooled by Martin Scorsese, creative with Annie Liebowitz, and cooking with Gordon Ramsey
  • Get seriously crafty: Crochet, bake, knit, draw, and learn the tricks of your DIY or homemade craft of choice
  • Bring out the creativity: Learn from top artists and designers with 1,000s of video classes in art & design, food & home, crafting, and more
  • Create culinary magic: Study at the leading global culinary school, whether you’re a home cook or pro

Sound and music affect mood, mindset, and our ability to focus and learn. Keep out distractions and turn up concentration with noise cancelling headphones. Throw in learning inspired playlists like songs that make you go yum or soundscapes for studying to make Mom’s experience even more memorable with sound.

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