A Life in Tracks music and talk show series

Listening for change

From go-to road trip playlists, to chirping birds, to the memories of words themselves, sound narrates our lives. In particular, music. While music may have many genres, it is a universal language of expression. A way to connect. Inspire. Empower. And educate. 

So, for Black Music Month, we’ve partnered with Spotify to create a music and talk show series called A Life in Tracks. This series celebrates Black icons from sports, entertainment, fashion, and discusses the songs that have shaped their lives.

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/ˈanTHəm/ noun

a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body, or cause.

Their anthems. Our inspiration.

By definition, anthems are songs that are distinctively known and rooted in culture. Whether that be a movement or a singular event, anthems inspire and empower the community at crucial moments in time. And as two joining brands obsessed with sound, we agree music can tell you a lot about a person. 

“You can think of so many times that music and artists define moments in time.”Host, Cari Champion

A Life in Tracks

This Spotify exclusive series will showcase each of these star-studded guests’ personally picked songs (aka their anthems) for an emotional rollercoaster playlist. Listen to established legends and up-and-coming talent ranging from the field to the stage talk about how music has influenced their perspective, careers, and lives. Then host, Cari Champion, will give some contextual background, including why, when, and how these songs were culturally influenced.


Cari Champion (Host) – Broadcast journalist

Champion has been tethered to her career in journalism with the goal of giving a voice to Black people who have been gravely under-represented throughout media history. True to her mission, Champion will be guiding discussions with our guests about how music has made an impression on their careers and lives as a whole.

Most played: Champion, Kanye West

A Spotify Exclusive hosted by Cari Champion. A Life in Tracks
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Allyson Felix – Olympic sprinter. Six-time gold medalist.  

One of the most decorated Olympians, Felix is known for her prodigal records and relentless advocacy for women in professional sports. She uses music both as an influence and to influence others. 

Most played: Juice, Lizzo

Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks quarterback

Wilson holds the record for most wins by an NFL quarterback in his first nine seasons and is a Super Bowl champion. As an accomplished athlete and philanthropic figure, he’s established music as a way to connect with the community.

Most played: Level Up, Ciara

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Rotimi – Actor, singer, model

Known for his roles in the series Boss and Power, Rotimi has stretched his repertoire far beyond the screen. Infusing contemporary R&B with traditional Afrobeat and dancehall, his unique sound has become a global influence.

Most played: Doo Wop (That Thing), Lauryn Hill

Jasmine Sanders – Supermodel and influencer

Featured on the covers of the world’s most elite publications, Jasmine Sanders is a global icon in fashion, fitness, and beauty. Her work aims to democratize fashion and bring more diversity into the modeling industry.

Most played: I Wanna Dance with Somebody, Whitney Houston

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Winston Duke – SAG award-winning actor

Known for his roles in Black Panther, Us, and the Avengers series, Duke’s work challenges the way we create and experience media — pushing the boundaries of Hollywood towards a more inclusive future. His most recent film Nine Days releases July 30. 

Most played: War, Bob Marley

Know the past.

Empower the future.

Music is powerful. Anthems are infectious. Through sound, we can learn about the past, experience the present, and guide the future. To be different. To be better. And whether it’s a Throwback Thursday or a New Music Friday, music connects us all. 

Black Music Month encourages all of us to celebrate the incredible Black creators whose sounds and music empower our past, present, and future alike. We think it’s not only crucial to pay tribute to Black artists, but it’s important to recognize and encourage that their music is a tool towards racial equality and social change. Music has the power to uplift marginalized voices, cultivate diversity, and shape the future — our future.

“Every month is Black Music month to me, because it represents my culture. And I truly believe black music is the foundation of all music we listen to today.” – Host, Cari Champion