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We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Lexie Hearing to bring you the NEW rechargeable Lexie B2 Self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids. Powered by Bose, these hearing aids feature Bose self-fitting technology and are available for purchase on the Lexie Hearing website.

While Bose is no longer manufacturing and selling SoundControl™ Hearing Aids, we are continuing to offer our complimentary technical support for those who have already purchased SoundControl™ Hearing Aids.


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Experience the power of sound with Lexie B1 and B2 Hearing Aids, Powered by Bose

Bose is proud to have partnered with Lexie Hearing to bring Bose’s self-fitting hearing aid technology to the Lexie Hearing product line. Lexie Hearing was developed by the hearX Group with the mission of providing affordable access to hearing healthcare using smart digital solutions.

• The rechargeable Lexie B2 Self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids
• The battery-operated Lexie B1 Self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids


We're still here for you

While SoundControl™ Hearing Aids are no longer available for purchase from Bose, we are still here for our customers. We will continue to support our SoundControl™ owners to ensure your hearing aids work properly and let you hear everything that you want to hear.

Bose will continue to honor the warranty on Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids. Replacement parts can be be obtained from Lexie Hearing.



I have more severe hearing loss. Will SoundControl™ Hearing Aids work for me?

No. Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids are intended for individuals 18 years and older with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss.

Can Bose SoundControl™ Hearings Aids stream music? Can I take phone calls?

Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids cannot stream music nor take phone calls directly from your device. To take calls, try holding the phone speaker slightly above and behind the ear so that it is in closer proximity to the microphones. Please note when used like this, phone audio will be heard in one hearing aid only.

Can I just use one hearing aid?

Yes. First, the hearing aids must initially be paired to the phone as a pair. Then, a single hearing aid can be used. Adjustments can be made in the app or on the device.

Do I have to use the app with the hearing aids?

For first time setup and fine-tuning adjustments, the Bose Hear app is required. Buttons on the hearing aid control World Volume and provide a convenient way to make adjustments without the app.

Will sounds be different when using Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids?

Yes. Better hearing requires getting used to new (typically higher frequency) sound, which can make some sounds annoying. For example, squeaky environment sounds, water sprays, or spoken consonants (/s/, /sh/, etc.). You may need to practice listening to new sounds on your own before relying on them for conversation. Some people may not wish to make large adjustments to the World Volume and Bass & Treble adjustments, in which case, the sounds won’t be much different at all.

What are the buttons on the hearing aid?

The buttons on each hearing aid control World Volume. A single press up increases World Volume by 5 steps. And a single press down decreases World Volume by 5 steps. Pressing the buttons on one hearing aid will adjust the World Volume levels of both hearing aids.

What are Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids?

Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids are the first self-fit hearing aids you can purchase, fit, program, and control on your own, without assistance from a health care professional. Their lightweight behind-the-ear design is discrete and comfortable to wear all day.


Do Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids stream TV audio directly to the hearing aids? Would they work with a Bluetooth transmitter?

No. Sounds from the TV are amplified like other environmental sounds. Depending on your environment, it may be helpful to sit in front of the television and change the Focus mode to Front.

What is Bluetooth technology and how do Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids use it?

Bluetooth technology is a wireless standard used in mobile devices to wirelessly connect them to the hearing aids. Unlike headphones, Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids use Bluetooth Low Energy only. This standard allows for commands to be transmitted wirelessly from the mobile device to the hearing aids. Adjustments from the Bose Hear app are transmitted to the hearing aids via Bluetooth Low Energy.

What tablets or smartphones are compatible with Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids?

Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids are compatible with any iOS and Android devices that use Bluetooth 4.2 or later. Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids are set up and controlled by the Bose Hear app and use Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with the app.

Can Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids be connected to multiple devices?

Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids can connect and remember up to 20 devices. However, it can only connect to one mobile device at a time. 

Will my own voice sound different when using Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids?

Yes. The sound of your own voice may sound louder when wearing Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids. You may prefer the open tips over the closed tips if you’re sensitive to the volume of your own voice. Practice speaking with a trusted partner in a familiar environment to adjust to the new sound with low pressure before moving to higher-pressure social situations.

What are Modes?

Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids let you store your preferred settings as modes for your favorite places and situations. It’s a quick and effortless way to adjust your hearing aids to your favorite settings of World Volume, Treble & Bass, and Focus.

What is the Focus feature?

The Focus feature allows you to hear the direction you want to hear. There are 2 settings available for the Focus feature: Front and Everywhere. In Front mode, the microphones in the hearing aids focus on sounds in front of you. This setting can help you hear better in occasions like group conversations at a table in a restaurant. In the Everywhere setting, the microphones are not just focused on sounds in front of you, but all around you as well. This setting is ideal for occasions like walking on a busy street or at a park.

What type of data is collected through the Bose Hear App?

When you connect your SoundControl™ Hearing Aids to the Bose Hear App, we automatically receive information about the product and how the product and the Bose Hear App are used. This information includes technical, diagnostic, environmental, and usage data as described in our Privacy Policy. Usage data includes your use of Bose Hear App features and the settings of the product, such as World Volume level and other product usage information. You can opt out of the collection of diagnostic and usage data by visiting the Settings menu in the Bose Hear App and restarting the App. For more information about data collected from connected Bose products, please see the Privacy Policy.

What is Left and Right Balance?

Left and Right Balance enables different levels of World Volume in each ear. Adjustments can be controlled in the Bose Hear app.


What is the typical battery life?

With typical usage, Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids will get up to 56 hours of runtime. Each battery can provide up to 4 days of use, assuming you use both hearing aids for 14 hours per day. Battery life may vary by battery brand, age, frequency of use or if you only use a single hearing aid. When a replacement is needed, use only size 312 zinc-air batteries.

Can the battery in Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids be replaced?

Yes. Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids will play a “Low Battery” voice prompt indicating that the batteries should be replaced soon. They use size 312 zinc-air batteries.


How often should I replace parts? How do I get the most from my hearing aids?

It is recommended to replace the eartips and wax guards every three months. The cables should be replaced once a year. The replacement time may vary depending on usage. Replacement parts can be obtained from Lexi Hearing.

Are SoundControl™ Hearing Aids water resistant?

Yes. SoundControl™ Hearing Aids are resistant to water and able to survive light exposure to rain or water. However, we recommend you keep the hearing aids dry and protected from prolonged exposure. Prolonged exposure to water may damage the hearing aids. Water exposure may necessitate a 24-hour drying period before resumed use.

How should the eartips be maintained?

After removing the hearing aids, remove earwax and debris from the eartips and microphones using the provided hearing aid brush or a soft, lint-free cloth. It is recommended to replace the eartips every 3 months.

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